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 Thursday September 10th 2009 - Day 18


15c Sunny Getting cooler

-11 lbs Down

BMI = 43.

TARGET = 25.66        



Feeling Body


Feeling Mind





  Salad with house dressing

Quarter chicken with fries

Apple crumble / ice cream



Swiss Chalet The Ultimate Challenge


Up at 3am, worked on music, added a counter to the left which I now notice is counting backwards.

71 Calories on the walker (about 20 minutes, 2% hill, a slow 2 mph) I went up and down stairs so much I only did 1 more than yesterday, but stuck to my rule of a little more than yesterday.

Started the laundry, Millie did most of it on Tuesday.

We went out to lunch with Rheta, to celebrate our birthdays, a little late, we did hers late as she was in hospital. Went to Swiss Chalet, had my usual meal, first time in 3 weeks having French fries. We added up the calories, and it wasn't good, but being the only meal of the day, still ok. It was nice anyway to sit and talk.

Came home afterwards and loaded the van, two sets of speakers, one speaker for the minister, one for the music, good enough, its not my choice of music, but the bride is always right. Should be a nice day on Saturday, I don't mind if it rains or the sun shines, but not half way so I don't know if I'm inside or out.

It looks like a computer store in here, four laptops all running, 3 for me, one for Millie. I bought  a brand new one a few months ago for DJ'ing as the old one was "getting older", and it seemed "time". I used it at a sweet 16 party and someone kicked a ball, knocking over my drink onto the keyboard. I flipped it upside down and shook it (continuing to play music with it) and thought I had saved it. Later on the keys started to "stick" with 800  #7's or whatever. I took it in for repair (not admitting to doing anything wrong) and they came back with an estimate of $700 for repair, more than the cost of some new laptops, and not covered under warranty, as it was my fault. I politely told him to stick it, and that I would fix it myself . He said there would be a $40 charge for his work.

When I went to pick it up there was no charge, and I, of course, did not question it.

When I brought it home I put it to one side to be worried over later. Now a month later I finally plugged it in to check, and it works like new. They must have fixed it in the end for free, without saying. Now my task is to sync all three music libraries (3 computers, and 2 external hard drives) something to putter at forever. 

Let the money roll into today, Barrick went up about $700, happy that hit the support level, but not up to the sell price yet, and TD lost a couple of cents, but I know that will come up, banks always do. I place an order for some more Asian funds, they are doing well, and Asia is the new world leader, just don't tell the sleeping giant next to Canada, they still think they are in charge. Asian mutual funds are how we did so well before on, and this time around they should do even better

went to bed at 10:15, but was wide awake at midnight, I resisted getting back up as it would throw me way out of sync (good for Saturday late night maybe)