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 Saturday September 12th 2009 - Day 19 


  Sunny Warm

-  11lbs Down

BMI = 43.37

TARGET = 25.66        



Feeling Body


Feeling Mind





Small Tuna Salad



Huge steak, potatoes, Veg.

Apple Blossom with fruit

Another Work Day, 


Up around 4am, besides money, I worked a long time on the simple stupid JavaScript to calculate how many days we have been on the diet (on the left side) Drove me crazy!!

Listening to classic rock on an English radio station, but now I'm going back to bed

Got up at 9:30am, a quick 75 calories on the walker.

Left for the Amy & Brian's wedding at Pipers Heath Golf Club about 2pm arrived at 2:30, set up for the ceremony first, one speaker for the minister, one speaker for the music. I had stopped on the way there to buy a large Cadbury's Fruit and Nut Bar (500calories) and a bottle of diet Coke. It gives a cheap buzz that gives me a little more energy for the night ahead. The ceremony was an annoying distance from the club house, but there were guys in golf carts shuttling people both ways. It was a nice day, sunny yet no humidity. I set up for the reception using the new laptop for background music, saving the old reliable laptop for emergency at the ceremony, where my iPod was the main music source. The minister talked so quietly even with the mic., and I didn't turn it up as he would just talk even quieter.

The regular meal for the guests was a fancy chicken plate, but by time they got to the poor DJ (always last) they had run out. So I ended up with a huge steak,  cooked perfectly, with a sauce that was delicious, followed with my favourite Apple blossom, with fruit on top.

A good night, a party crowd, I had never walked on such a sticky dance floor, but then I have never seen so many broken glasses and spilled drinks. Reminded me of Brenda a regular customer who always wanted me to ban drinks on the dance floor, and I always reminded her it was not my job to tell grown ups how to behave.

I had internet, and downloaded 3 songs I had never heard of. I played from their list for about 30 mins, then I played my picks to get them going, and after that I mixed between the good from their list and mine. One of the guests plugged their guitar into my system, he was good (and drunk) and they had a session for about 30 minutes  with the groom doing some of the singing.

The club shut me down early at about 1:10am , I was out of there by 2:00, stopped at the bank to deposit the check (no envelopes, but I had my own) was home and in bed by 3:15am

I was feeling a lot better than the last time  DJ'ed , just a few pounds makes a difference...