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Thursday September 24th 2009



-16 lbs Down

1 Stone - 2 lbs

BMI = 43.

TARGET = 25.66


          306lbs   New Low

Feeling Body


Feeling Mind



 Cabbage Soup


Cabbage Soup



Garbage day in Brampton

3:52 am

Got up at 3am, too awake to stay on bed.

Since I stated my diet, my sleep apnea has gone. But it also leads me to think that sleep apnea can also be attributed to many causes that result in the same symptoms.  Too much sugar late at night can ruin a good nights sleep. Even excessive nightmares can result in you being sleepy during the day. A lack of iron, too much caffeine, and of course depression. My diet Coke and Chocolate on a Saturday night gives me the benefit of being a little livelier, but unlike the old days I switch to non caffeinated drinks after 11pm, so I can sleep. Same with the headache you can get when switching shifts. All I know is my strong desire  to sleep during the day is gone, unless truly justified.

I have decided its easier and cheaper to get my Canadian passport and let my British passport die. I will save me the hassle the US customs always give me, "If your a Canadian, why do you have a UK passport??"


Just wanted to record my new low of 306 lbs, 16 lbs in a month is ok, and considering a few good meals in there to.

Off to go swimming at 2pm at Rheta's apartment, which Millie says has a large salt water indoor pool, with sauna and hot tub. She always asks and Millie went a couple of weeks ago, but this is my first time there.

We looked at buying a Condo when we first got married, as we love the view and simplicity plus no snow clearing etc. But I hate rules, and people telling what I can and cannot do, and for the monthly fee you can hire 10 people to clean your snow.


Had a great "swim" at Rheta's I can still taste the salt, warm water, but the room was cool as its all glass. It was like having a sports complex to yourself they have exercise rooms with all the equipment. I weigh myself with their scales  which made me lighter. We went up to her apartment on the 21st floor for some cookies and tea. I installed a new printer / scanner / copier for her and showed he how to use it.

We go home at nearly 6, and saw a message on the machine from  Malcolm #1, another ex Boeing guy / Ex British Army Sniper and in better shape at 80 than I was at 20. They had just bought a new 47in Samsung TV, and he couldn't get the cable box to work. So we went down and checked it out, and after fooling around for an hour or so, called Rogers technical help (my old friends) who are going to check all his wiring. Millie wanted to see the new paint job they had done in the living room, where we sat and talked about coming to Canada. They gave us some home made blackberry jam. Came home tired and went to bed,