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NOVEMBER 2009 (a new format)

FRIDAY NOV 13TH - 11:44pm - BACK AGAIN                                       311lbs

The weather has been amazing for the last week , no coats or sweaters
OK so I  was kinda busy for the last few days. Went up north on Nov 6th, stayed at the Algonquin hotel for Friday and Saturday nights. On Friday we dropped by to see Effie and Harry, then went over to see Bonnie and Joe (they had 2 inches of snow the day before), Jesse wanted us to take a shortcut over the big hill, but we went the easy long way.
Saturday after bacon and eggs at Elsie's we went to the cemetery, the flower on the headstone looked tired, so we went up to North Bay looking for some new ones. Saw some of the nice night lights we saw down East, and bought a few. Didn't see any flowers we liked so I cleaned the headstone, and we'll get some down here, and maybe go up in the Spring. Joe has an appointment in TO on the 18th so maybe they can bring some up.
Saturday night we went over to Angela's and Louie's, had a great meal and company
Louie was starting a week of hunting the next morning, had the trailer loaded.
Drove home Sunday (8th) stopped at the outlet centre in Barrie, Millie saw nothing she liked.
Monday went to night school and rested
Tuesday had our executive CAW meeting and lunch at Swiss chalet
Wednesday met a couple about their wedding next Aug 7th, a probably booking, but too early for them to book.
Thursday had our regular CAW meeting, a full room about 160.
After we went to Home depot, and bought a $300 cupboard, (no top to it as Millie can't decide on what
Thursday night gave a speech at Toastmasters about remembrance. Our meeting were than canceled as they don't have enough new people to start up. So I'll go to  another group in a couple of weeks
Friday we started on the kitchen, I struggled to remove the doors as the screws were filled with paint, painted some of them, more paint needed though

THURSDAY NOV 5TH - Guy Fawkes Night -                                         312lbs
I didn't notice it was Guy Fawkes Night until now, maybe I can use that later.
My icebreaker speech is ready for tonight anyway.
Last night we went on a "not a time share" sales presentation (a Florida getaway was our gift, thank you ) Millie hates the hard sell, and we were tempted. They dropped the price down from $9,000 to $2000, and I could have made a counter offer on that (but that would have shown interest)
Got my passport in the mail, but forgot to look to see how long my dentist put as knowing me, but I told him, so he should have got it right. I let him put a filling in, normally I would complain, but didn't.
Must get my passport out today.
Jenny from my tax guy gave me work to do (I hate taxes)
Hadn't seen this one before
That line in the top left hand corner made me think

Ok, I changed the format to make it easier, and to allow my "misses". I don't want to get off my track, although I have gone astray a little.

Tried to get back on track, made a chicken stew from the leftover chicken, too rich to be healthy, Millie wouldn't eat it as I had put in all the bones too. I liked it, too much
Finally filled in my passport form, it expires on Dec 2, and it takes a while as I have to send it to Washington DC to be renewed. I might as well be told to send it to England.
Night school about various products, he is typically conservative, if you haven't got your retirement planed at 15, you failed to do it right. Moved my dentist appointment to Wednesday, so he can sign my passport, although I haven't know him 2 years, I have known his dad for almost 30, so he can fudge it

The day after Halloween, and orgy of eating candy and chips, finished off the allsorts, wine gums, a hundred mini chocolate bars. a bad day, didn't weigh myself, know the answer would not be good