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On August 21st 2007 we started out for Newfoundland

This is the captains log star date 15363.4

We had 2 options, fly to St John's or drive.

Driving seems the nicer, slower, and easier, so drive we will.

The car would be cheaper, but I like driving the van better, so the van it is.

Jesse is excited with her first trip east (She acts a little bit Newfie sometimes)

We have a maximum of 17 days to get back (for a wedding on Sept 8th in Acton)

On the way we wanted to visit a few of places

1/ The Diefenbunker in Carp near Ottawa

2/ The National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa

3/ Millie's hometown in New Brunswick

4/ Hopewell Rocks

5/ The Ferry to Newfoundland



Day 1 - Tuesday August 21st 2007


George Bush being in the Ottawa area for the SPP talks seems to make all the hotels in the area full or unavailable online, so we don't have a target hotel to aim for. The weather is a lot cooler than the last few weeks, which is nice for fat people walking around

We started quick to the end of the 407 then a little along the 401 until breakfast. Millie had the usual bacon and eggs, I had chicken stew / Sheppard's pie / roast potatoes and mash from the early lunch buffet (10:30am)


We ended up in Arnprior at the end of the day, way too much to eat and snack on


A private home that become a hospital


Behind the hotel



Always wondered what the previous  Boeing Plant in Arnprior looked like


The only hotel in town ( we saw 2 motels later)

Quality Inn 

(By mistake we stole the remote, we'll mail it back)



Day 2 - Wednesday August 22nd 2007



National Gallery in Ottawa the Renoir Exhibit 




Downtown Ottawa drive by Photo (Must be politicians)



Millie in the Blast Tunnel of the Diefenbunker



Malcolm with a couple of bombshells



In the Secret Bank of Canada vault


Millie got in with a hairpin



Sign warns about corroding the door ??? Silly


"The Bomb"






Interesting insight into how your government thinks

Most areas have no photos allowed

Interesting for me was the Arrow display that showed a model of "the bays" where I spent so many years



The spider outside the National Gallery



We left Ottawa and drove towards Bangor,  taking so very good but very quite roads

Stopped the night in Woburn Quebec, 2 miles from the border

Crossed the border at  a one woman crossing, to whom I surrendered a box of tangerines, before she could ask for them. Didn't have our passports just our driving licenses which she took inside for a check, never checked Millie's (I confessed to being born in England which I could have lied about)

Very friendly


Ice cream in the distance



We ended our trip through the states at the bridge to Campobello Island

(We had to nip back over the bridge later to buy some gas as there is none on the island)


We stayed in Welshpool named after the one near Oswestry almost for certain










The island is "famous" for having FDR's "cottage" on it - more



We should have got a photo of the opening times

10 am - 6pm or

9am - 5pm "American"

I guess Americans can't use Canadian time



This is some cottage, and must have some budget to keep going

Staffed (over staffed) by Canadian and Americans (Only met Americans) with a guide to every room, fresh paint everywhere, immaculate gardens

Manger giving a private tour to someone (Not Millie)




Photo from web

We stayed in Room # 2 of "The Owen House" website owned by

No Phone, TV, Drapes, bedside tables for only $180 a night plus tax

breakfast very fancy but no choice of eggs




Deer Island to mainland New Brunswick




Jim at home


Last photo left the next morning

Linda and Dave



Mama Georges (3 nights in a row)


youngest to oldest


Rare family photo




Fantastic painting by Judy



Coming in fast





Parked fast  like a mini




Our expert Meg


Coming into Digby dock Nova Scotia (Battery in camera dead after that)




At next Ferry in North Sydney ready for the Newfoundland crossing


Twice as long (6 hours) but cheaper than the St John - Digby ferry ($160 to $175)




Whale watching from the upper decks


Mini concert but audience distracted by the whales



Married 60 years, has a farm and plumbing business in Ohio, they have been everywhere in the world


Hey there's Newfieland





 Landed in Port aux Basque, just took a drive around


Our boat The Caribou








Stephenville drive thru


Plaza in Corner Brook



Gander Airport - The first land I touched when I arrived from England

as did thousands of travelers before planes could fly that far without refueling



Millie applying for a job at Gander airport




A place call Salvage, Newfoundland







Internet, Pool, Bar, Restaurant with great food for $82,

Ahh! no air conditioning, but a fan  (Lucky we didn't need it)



View from the restaurant


Corner Brook from the Hotel

Newfoundland has a million ponds, puddles, lakes that never get used (or so it seems)



No trees, 5 minutes later all trees




Bay Bulls, Newfoundland



Bunch of kayaks coming in, sorry we missed that tour (me and Millie in a kayak, imagine)


Great fish cakes, haven't had a meal without cod in Newfoundland

Old Mike from the boat tour family. A cliché Newfie



Didn't see a whale, (end of season) but a great boat ride)






Thousands of puffins disappear into their holes





A beautiful day, hot with sea breezes, a nice mix


3 of the kids sang a song


Bay Bulls


we always check for pillows first thing, they were ready for us (Quality Inn, downtown St John's)






Where Terry Fox dipped his leg at the start of his Marathon of Hope in St John's


That's a awfully big boat behind me


Signal Hill, what a view






St John's from Signal Hill


See the people walking??


The Palmer Girls

The Palmer Girls - Very talented and cute we  bought the CD

(When they are old enough to go into bars they will be big


Never did find out what these were about





Life vest from the movie Titanic, modeled by Nadine our St John's tour guide


The tour bus was in service at York, England, before coming to Canada









Catholic Cathedral




House of the Lieutenant Governor of Newfoundland The Honourable Edward Moxon Roberts



Millie signs the visitors book


I was falling behind the group and didn't get a photo of the trees Princess Diana planted



I had a couple of pints of their beer "1892" with supper, very good







Cape Spear - the most Easterly point in Canada


Saturday September 1st 2007

The ferry back to Nova Scotia was scheduled to leave at 8:30am

and we were told to be there for 7:30am

We loaded at 9:30am and sailed around 10am

There was no scheduled landing time but we were told 10 hours, it took  14 hours 30 mins due to rough seas

we got into North Sydney at 12:30am, luckily we had the hotel booked next to the ferry, so straight to bed





Finally loading


This photo looks so tame now, but I'm peaking from undercover and it was blowing

web photo

We were entertained on the boat by Bugs and Debbie Green, a very talented pair (I bought the CD)



The next morning, a beautiful day again, and a ferry on its way to Newfoundland 




Past this sign in Glace Bay might try and sell him a bigger website



The biggest fiddle since the government







The New Brunswick / Nova Scotia border



Had to drive over "the bridge" in Hartland



So busy for some reason


Dirty windshield


Had to drive thru twice to get to stop and kiss in the middle, too much traffic





Getting closer, front tire going slowly flat, but it will get us home


Belleville (I think)


Last thing before reaching home was meeting Ian and Brandie for supper at Montana's


Total of 6, 213km (3861 miles) in 15 days

5 Provinces, 1 US State

Hotels from $82 to $180 a night (Worst room was the most expensive)


Next trip: Maybe Dallas after Christmas, then Austria in the spring