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The Canadians

T'was on the Isle of Capri I first saw her

Dinner with opera


Spelling is always important

St Mark Square, Venice

Or New York / Sony rep

Travoli Fountain

View from the Hotel Fleming Rome

I liked the ramp in the visitor entrance of the Vatican

All the guides seemed to be from England.

She was defiantly not a catholic but she knew the Vatican (30 euros each)

Courtyard in the Vatican

Hundreds of statues of naked men and boys, with the odd women


Working our way to the Sistine Chapel

OK so I touched the toes

Vatican Mail, travels via Switzerland 

2nd from the top right, the Popes place

They hadn't put the Chrismas Stuff Away yet

Makes a Smart car look big

Had to go to the bathroom at the Station

A Sunday night, such a great party atmosphere in the streets

no flash

with mother


Italian drunks singing Beatle / Eagles Songs, girls from New York

no lines just drive, fast , forget the rules


Susan our guide

The door that stays closed for a long time

Inside St Peters


The Colosium

Our first night out with Opera

Just married from Florida

Train to Pisa

Wanna buy a Rolex, I bought 3

They don't give up

Dinner in the Farmhouse

Fernando our driver

On the water

Expensive Glass

Millie on the left



Just after almost a spill

We thought it was too cold to snow, it wasn't

Our 2nd visit to the Travoli Fountain

Last night Dinner

The volcano and Naples from our hotel room in Sorento

The Amalfi Coast

During siesta so the roads were empty

A hard to find Laundromat in Sorrento

Millie guards the car

Lots of lazy stray cats and dogs


Boat to Capri

Capri, taxi ride to the top was nice

Rental at the hotel

Sorento railway station (Don't buy a ticket to Pompeii, but buy one for Naples



You can see the real teeth

Eduardo (85 euros) our guide to Pompeii 

Beggar on the train, never smiled

Naples Museum

McDonalds at Naples train station, he dropped to his knees to ask for money

he knew how to play us tourists

Back in Rome

Spanish steps

One of many

We left the car parked in Rome, the train was easier

the plane home, my camera died after this photo, I bought a new one when I got back

Sun City South Africa

Making a wish in the Travoli Fountain